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Note: Rates valid for a minimum of 2pax on an Apartment, without breakfast included. Price with VAT included.


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Hotel Quinta da Barroca
It is an Agro - tourism that is located on Queimada, Armamar, it makes part of the route of Port Wine and Vineyards of Cister.

Rustic Environment, Quiet, and with Nature around It.



Apartament T1

Apartament T1 with Limit for 3 persons, in the purchase of an extra bed increases the capacity for 1 more person. Located in the Ground Floor and 1º Floor



Apartaments are equipped with refinement and good taste. They have Electric Machines (washing machine, dishwasher, electric oven, microwave, TV with cable-TV of 15 channels), Dishes, Bed Linen and Towels for Bathroom.



They also have clothes of bed, set of towels for toilet, dishes, cutlery, glasses, pots and other accessories.



The Rooms of this Apartament are: Living Room / Dining Room, Kitchen / Laundry, Bedroom, Toilet and Balcony. The bed is double and in the Living Room has a bed couch.



Each apartament has right to a place in our covered parking.


The cleaning and the change are weekly.

You can buy more changes or maintenance through acquisition of our Extra Services.


Pets such as cats, dogs, birds or others are not allowed.

Check-Out is at 12h and the Check-In is from 16h.


Click here to view the Photos of Apartament T1 in detail.


Now available View 360º of our Building, click the icon of "View 360º" to view.









The Price of Accommodation include Breakfast, but we have Prices without Breakfast.

You can also buy Half or Full board.


All meals are served in the Restaurant indicated in the Price List.



For more information see our Prices, or contact us.


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