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Note: Rates valid for a minimum of 2pax on an Apartment, without breakfast included. Price with VAT included.


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Sale of Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers

Variety of Fruits, Flowers, Vegetables and more. Distribution throughout the island of Madeira. We also export Flowers and Fruits from Madeira.



What We Do

Paraiso Dourado Turistic Apartaments in Porto Santo, 300 meters from the Beach.


Young Company dedicated to Turism on the Island of Porto Santo. We have an Buildin with 52 Turistic Apartments.





We have Swimming Pools, Restaurant, Gym, SPA (Jacuzzi, Turkish Bath, Sauna) Children's Park and Squash Court.


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Closed Condominium, Spacious Gardens, Children's Park, Dicovered and Covered Parking, and WiFi Internet. Near from the Porto Santo Shopping Center.


We Born to Serve You!

This is our slogan, we have a competent team and ready to serve you! Contact Us.



Ideal for Families

Apartaments fully equipped with electric machines, clothes and dishes.

Welcoming environment, near the Shopping Center of Porto Santo.

We provide free covered parking for our customers.




.::NEW::. Excursions in Porto Santo and Madeira

Great News - We now have available for our customers Excursions on the island of Porto Santo and Madeira. From Around the Island, Jeep Safari, Boat Ride, Ride to "Ilheu do Farol" (the Lighthouse Islet), Walks, among others.


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Apartments are equipped with refinement and good taste. They have Electric Machines (washing machine, dishwasher, electric oven, microwave, TV with cable-TV of 15 channels), Dishes, Bed Linen and Towels for Bathroom.


The Apartaments Types are:

- Apartament T1

- Apartament T1 with Barbecue

- Apartament T2

- Apartament T2 with Barbecue



All have Balcony, Living Room / Dining Room, Kitchen, Laundry, WC
and Bedroom.





The Limit number of persons per Apartment depend of the Apartment Type.
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Register on our site, so you will receive all the News, Promotions and Other Information about our services.
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Porto Santo

An island with tropical climate, ideal for a Dream Vacations.



It has a 9km beach with golden sand, with optimal water temperature.



The sand of this Paradise Island has therapeutic effects, as already been proven scientifically.


In June we have the famous feast of São João (Saint John) is the most important festival of this island.





Very quiet and friendly Island.


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Enjoy and see the Photo Gallery of Porto Santo, with some of the most beautiful places of this Island.


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Porto Santo Beach One of the 7 Wonders of Portugal

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