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What We Do

Pension 1º - Areia Dourada in Porto Santo, 100 meters from the beach.
Young company dedicated to Restayrants and Hotels in the island of Porto Santo. We have 3 restaurants, Take-Away, Snack Bar and Karaoke.



We organize Celebrations, Baptisms, Marriages, Birthdays, and Others.




The 3 Restaurantes have Regional Specialties among many others: Oceanario Restaurant, Rustico Restaurant and Barbecue Restaurant. In the Rustico Restaurant we also have Karaoke.



We have available to our customers wireless internet Wi-Fi FREE OF CHARGE, available in public areas and restaurants in the 1st Floor.



Our reception is open 24 hours.
The Snack Bar and Take-Away are open from 7h30m and closes at 23h.
Our Restaurants are open every day of the week, for more information see the page of each restaurant.